One of my New Year's Resolutions was that I'd blog something everyday for the whole year (another was to write a page a day of the novel I'm working on). As you can see neither of those things happened. 

It was supposed to help me loosen up and be more comfortable being myself. That didn't work. Not that I ran out of things to blog about, I just stopped logging on to blog them. The reason? For the last three years since I started on Youtube and Blogger, I refused to post almost anything to Facebook for fear of being judged by my friends on there.

Recently I realised that the only to get over that is to just post what I think and deal with the comments if they come.

So to celebrate my return to blogging, I'm hosting a cover reveal this Monday for an indie author I really like. Her name is Nadege Richards and she writes The Bleeding Hearts Trilogy. Burning Bridges and Deceiving Destiny are already published on Amazon, Fleeting Fires (book 3) is released in April. I'll be posting links to BB and DD on Monday.


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    “I want to try and live my life carrying all of my memories with me. And even if those memories are painful, even if they do nothing but hurt me, I want to keep them. Even those memories I sometimes wish I could forget. As long as I can carry them with me, as long as I can keep holding on; someday, someday I’ll be strong enough that those memories don’t hurt me any more, and I’ll be glad that I have them. That’s what I believe, with all of my heart. That’s why all my memories are precious to me. I don’t think it would be okay to forget a single one.”


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